Saturday, November 18, 2006

Linear Trees

The actual forest depicted in my current landscapes was heavily damaged by an ice storm some years ago. As a result, there are relatively few large trees. The numerous small trees, growing tall in a competition for available sunlight, create a dense and somewhat rhythmic, in terms of verticals, forest. My reaction has been to almost treat trees as if they were lines. One of the purposes of line is to define shapes or segments of space. Looking at the above painting, oil on canvas, 18 by 24", are the trees merely establishing intervals or patterns? This would conform with my previous blog entry, regarding the importance I place on colour; the trees are used to outline, or even add structure to, areas of colour. However, in this particular painting, they're also used to create depth. I wouldn't go as far as saying these are abstract works, although they definitely lean towards a flat plane of lines and shapes. The final question, for me, is whether I am responding to the current state of the forest, or does this forest happen to be an ideal location for my style of painting.

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