Saturday, November 04, 2006


The square canvas; a surface that I find to be the most difficult to work on. This "unnatural" shape, equal on all sides, seems to have enormous tension within, and all before the first dab of paint is applied. The painting on the left, oil on canvas, 20 by 20", is only the second square surface that I've ever succeeded in, although I don't use squares often. I'm not implying that it is a great painting, but I do not think it is hampered by the dimensions. I suspect the tall tree right of center helped in this regard, dividing the image into two segments more often found in rectangular/regular surfaces. In other words, I almost treated the image as if it were a rectangle, to a point where the square was negated in terms of interfering with the image. Another approach would be to somehow use the inherent tension of the square to emphasize movement within the painting. This would perhaps work well with figures, in an attempt to dramatize movement. However, I can not yet see that working within my current style of landscape.

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