Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Kinetic & Potential

Kinetic energy is the force required, or possessed, to move an object. The visual equivalent, from a design or creative point of view, would be anything that implies movement or pressure towards movement. An example could be a curved line; a non-static reference to motion or flow. Potential energy is the force within a system that has the ability to alter, such as prevent motion. A visual equivalent would be something that implies structure, such as static lines meeting at 90 degree angles. Both forms of energy can co-exist, at least on a visual plane.

Looking at the painting on the left, oil on canvas, 16 by 20", the arched tree, along with other curved branches, arguably create movement within the composition through a non-rigid use of line. Paradoxically, the various angles obtained by intersecting with vertical trees, outlines a sort of grid pattern; a type of infrastructure.


OMMAG said...

The Whiteshell in the fall!
Sureal Nature...truth and beauty!

Sören Dawson said...

Thanks for the comment PGP. I've yet to visit Whiteshell Provincial Park, but it's certainly a place that echoes the works of Tom Thomson and the Group Of Seven.